5 reasons to visit Hoi An with children

Hoi An is a beautiful ancient town. It is one of the most charming and most visited city in Vietnam. If you needed a reason to stop in Hoi An on your family trip, here are 5:

1. Let them run! The old town in the center of Hoi An is a pedestrian zone. There’s no honking and beeping of motorcycles, no ignored traffic lights, no walkways turned into parking lots. Children can walk, or run, safely and freely in the streets. Our kids truly enjoyed it and we walked the streets of Hoi An north to south, east to west, up and down. Beware of the many cyclos though!

2. It’s free! There’s an entrance fee to visit the well-preserved monuments of Hoi An, based on a voucher system. You pay 120.000 VND to receive five vouchers that give you each access to any of the 22 sites. You then pick and choose the places you want to visit. However, children may enter any site for free. To maximise their experience, mum and dad have not selected the same sites and the children have visited more than 10 monuments. 

3. It’s fun! Each visit will take you 10 to 20 minutes, short enough to keep children active and interested. It’s easy to fall back in time when entering the houses, shops and temples that have remained unchanged.

4. It’s yummy! Hoi An has lots of exquisite restaurant, local specialities or fine world food. For a sweet treat, head to the fine bakery of the Cargo Club or enjoy the atmosphere at Reaching Out teahouse, a social enterprise that employ hearing impaired people.

5. Let them enjoy sun and sea! Hoi An is also a beach destination. The Cua Dai beach is only few kilometres away from the city center and the An Bang beach is an infinite strip of white sand.

Come to Hoi An and you will find many more reasons why it is not to be missed with children.

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